I want to go to the station


You might need to go to the station or return home after arriving at one. Our drivers will be there on time to bring you to and from the station. This ensures less stress and rushing to and from your train travels.

Travelling on time

WilNuTaxi will take you to a station at a fixed rate, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises upon arrival. By making online reservations you can automatically select pick-up and drop-off locations. You will immediately be notified of the costs and be able to pay. This ensures that  you know what to expect!

Which station will you be using?

We will bring and collect you to any station of your choice that lies within our working region. This includes all stations in Eindhoven, Helmond, Geldrop and Best.

Why choose for WilNuTaxi

We are a very capable company

Reliability we are punctual

Planning trips increases efficiency

Professional our drivers are all certified professionals

Modern durable cars

Personal personal and reliable service

5+ experience our drivers have at least 5 years of experience

It's worth planning your trip ahead of time!

We aim to work with trips that have been booked in advance for fair prices. Traveling by taxi is relatively expensive in the Netherlands and we hope to make some changes in that area.

We would like to offer you a great bargain for planning ahead, by offering cheaper fares for trips that have been booked at least 24 hours in advance. A win-win situation.

Taxi with a personal touch

The general image of taxi drivers can be improved by offering a higher level of personal service. How? Easy enough. Drivers can imagine what it would be like to be the passenger and consider how they would like to be treated. There is also progress to be made for employers in the taxi industry. Each employee is the face of our company. The employer ensures favorable working conditions and invests in quality materials. Thinking along with drivers and passengers, and looking ahead become the norm.